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Since a sixth industry was promoted, it has been typically talked about the japanese agriculture problems in a lot of point through the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011.
After the Earthquake, we had many opportunity to see the present situation of agriculture in the world, and it seems that every place of the world have common problems about the agriculture.

Japanese industry has solution power of the problems, but in the international market its ability is an unknown quantity especially about agriculture.
Although it is very important that the agricultural workers adopt the other industries and promote a sixth industry, it doesn’t have to be simply managing stores by workers, but has to be in view of workers creating the way to promote together with the other industries that keep making the market, as for thinking new model such as distribution, sales, store management.

In the future, increasing of emerging markets will cause unexpected fall of prices and lowering productivity due to labor shortage, and it will certainly affect to Japanese agriculture. In order to get over the situation, we think the necessity of prompt cooperation between workers and companies in Japan, and market construction, manpower training, partner finding regardless domestic and foreign. That’s why our company has been established.
We aim to supply the products and services made by Japanese using total power of global reach supporting, sales supporting, and agricultural production leading. And we would like to supply the new services by cross-sectoral cooperation and Japanese agriculture that can support the worldwide boom of Japanese food.

We have business partners of each category both within and outside Japan, and develop not only the supporting management, but also total supporting including information, technology, market, and distribution.

Agriloop Co. Ltd
CEO, Kazuyuki Murakami


Work Contents

Business related Production ・Production, processing, storing, transportion, sales, import and export of agricultural and livestock products at national and international.
・Manufacturing and sales, import and export of materials for agricultural production at national and international.
・Fishery and cultivation of marine products at national and international.
・Manufacturing and sales, import and export of materials for fishery, marine products and nursery at national and international.
・Management, design and construction of restaurant.
Business related Human Resources ・Education and training of human resources.
・Leading technology and nourishment.
・Worker dispatching and employment service (now acquisition of authorization)
Information Service ・Store sales and online sales of products.
・Planning, design, system development, and application of online shop.
・Planning, research, development, and sales promotion of products.
・Planning and institution of marketing research.

Company’s Profile

Company Name Agriloop Company Limited
Headquaters 2-10-2 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0021
Vietnam Office coming soon
Established 30, April, 2014
CEO Kazuyuki Murakami
Information info@agriloop.tokyo
Phone Number 03-3944-7656

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